uffizi - Generate photo galleries from directories of image files


uffizi [options] directory ...

    (type 'uffizi --help' for option listing)


I've tried lots of 'photo album' web apps. All are either (a) CGI or similar 'fried' server-side code, which I don't want to use for something as simple as a photo album, or (b) are inflexible and ugly in their output. So here's YA album script.

Its good points are:

very self-contained, apart from dependencies on Image::Size and the ImageMagick convert command
fast, efficient incremental rebuilding
generates full CSS-styled, templated and valid HTML
every part of the generated HTML can be modified through the templates

Its bad points:

it's written in perl.

But if you ask me, that's a good point ;)


Two external helper applications will be used if available; jpegtran is used to make progressive jpeg images. jhead is used to copy over EXIF metadata into scaled image copies. If either or both are not available, the script will skip that functionality and otherwise work perfectly.


It owes quite a bit of inspiration regarding the basic HTML layout, output filesystem structure, and so on to album from 'Dave's Marginal Hacks' ( (thx Dave, nice script!)

The name is a reference to Florence's Galleria degli Uffizi (, because this app generates galleries of images ;)


Justin Mason, uffizi at jmason dot org


0.7 Dec 28 2007 jm